One Way DFSR and backlog

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I'll try this again as it seems my first attempt didn't post. 


I have a DFSR environment for replicating UEM profiles in VMWare between Prod and DR. VMWare suggests only having this process go one way. For our environment I could probably have it go both directions, but currently it only replicates from Prod to DR.  To accomplish this, I set up a normal DFSR environment, but then disabled the connection from DR to Prod. 


While this basically seems to work, when I run a Health report on the sending host, I see a large number of files in the receiving backlog.  Is this something to be concerned about and if so, is there a way to clear it without enabling the other connection?

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Probably not.  I forgot to include in my re-post that I can't use read-only.  While the remote site is a DR site, we also use it as a second datacenter so I do have people who log in there and would potentially need to make changes to their profiles.