Office 335 Apps on Terminal Servers

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I have recently discovered that the Office 365 Apps are not supported at all on Server 2022, and will only continue to be supported on Server 2016/19 until 2025 (despite those OSs being in support until 2026/29 respectively).


This is a pretty big deal for those who rely on terminal servers run on-prem or on any non-Microsoft cloudy services (e.g. AWS). It appears that after 2025 the only option will be Office 2021 LTSC, which is supported on Server 2019/22, but only until 2026 (which is when Office 2021 goes out of suppport) - and it seems unclear what will happen after that. Plus it would be very expensive as it would entail buying the Office 2021 licenses on top of the cost of the Office 365 subscriptions.


None of this was mentioned in any of the regular notification emails which Microsoft sends out to tenant admins (those tend to focus on trivial matters in many cases), so I only found out by looking for the system requirements in detail. I have therefore had to abandon plans to upgrade our terminal servers to 2022, and stick with 2019.


Does Microsoft have any plans to change this situation, or is the intention to force users away from terminal servers and onto Azure Virtual Desktop? The problem with that of course is that it can only be run on Azure or Azure-linked on-prem services (i.e. Azure Stack HCI). This is not a road we were planning on going down.


Really not impressed by this. I can see no logic (other than driving yet more users towards Microsoft's subscription services), and the complete lack of announcements mean that sysadmins may not even be aware of it - normal precedent is for any in-support versions of Office to be validated on any new versions of Windows so the Office 365 apps not being supported on Server 2022 is not something which would have been reasonably predictable.

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