No LAN access after connecting via Draytek router SSL VPN

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I have a Draytek 2760 router connected to my Windows Server 21016 computer which is the domain controller for my LAN. DHCP is performed by the router.  I have a number of shared folders on the server which I require a small number of remote workers running Windows 10 to be able to access. After some research it appeared that the easiest and most secure way to achieve this was using the Draytek Smart VPN client app to create an SSL VPN to the router. I setup a Static external IP address and a path through the ISP firewall and the VPN connects successfully.  Once connected  the remote client computer can ping the local IP addresses of the server and other LAN clients, however they are unable to see any of the LAN devices when browsing the network.


The remote clients are logged onto the domain using domain credentials and have been granted remote access permissions via the Active Directory Users & Computers.  Is there anything I have missed  to allow remote clients to browse the LAN and access shared resources?


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I'd check the remote client uses default gateway on remote network. Also that all members have the static ip address of domain controller listed for DNS and no others such as router or public DNS