no internet connection with the given ip addresses

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I doing an online ICT course, I just started the server 2019 module and I'm stuck for hours trying to get internet connection with the static ip-addresses given to me (I'm working in Oracle VM virtualbox). the book tells me my teacher will give me a set of addresses but my teacher tells me to follow te online guide, which is not working, so I have no idea what I'm supposed to do now


I got 2 NAT NIC's, Internetconnection and LANconnection and these are the addresses given to me


subnet mask:
default gateway: empty
preferred DNS server:


subnet mask:
default gateway:
preferred DNS server:


I got internet until the moment I put in these addresses.

I saw yt video's that tell me to check my addresses with ipconfig /all in cmd, but I don't know if this is how I'm supposed to do this and if it might cause trouble later on if I follow the book, since I gotta set up a mockserver for a company, so eventually I'll have to add employeecomputers, printers etc..

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I'm working in Oracle VM virtualbox

I'd try asking for help over here in dedicated forums. - Index page