No internet access on any machine

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I have a setup of windows server 2019 in Vmware workstation with a bridged adaptor 

running 2 servers (maybe adding more not got to that point yet) through hyperV with the virtual switch connection type being external.


current set up

main server (ip (connected to domain) running hyperV 

HDCP server/domain controller (IP when setting up dhcp i made the routers ip address and DNS server

other server is just a storage server but still no internet


there all connected to the domain but have no internet access 

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if i understand you right, you have nested windows server 2019 with HyperV role into VMware Workstation.

I dont have whole picture, but i would start troubleshooting from that server which is running hyperv and VMware workstation.

If you did everything right with setting up bridge, take a look to this article , maybe the problem is in Vmware Workstation.
yeah ive got to assign the servers within the 10.10.0.x range then cannot get them to connect to the internet, i can take screenshots of sections if it would make it easier to understand (sorry im not good as explaining stuff)

Yes. It would be great if you can send some screenshots of vmware and hyperv configuration.

When you say "i made the routers ip address", did you go to phisycal router and assigned this ip address or you just typed this address in default gateway field in the servers adapter settings?

If you want bridged connection, then your servers will be treated as equal with their hypervisor and they will use same internet adapter and you can assign them them addresses from your home subnet and if you want them to reach the internet, you have to assign them proper default gateway address that could reach the internet.

You can leave them in 10.10.** subnet, just add them your home routers IP address as default gateway. It should work.

Here you have some articles, take a look:

Hope this will help you. :)

@StefanBozic don't have any up to date screenshots of the Ips on hand (travelling home roght now) I set up but the host machine has  that's pointing to the vm dhcp server (ip (it connects to the domain but not the Internet). Screenshot was taken when setting up dhcp (has to be for assignment) I have my actual router as 192.168.x.x.