New GPOs not creating in SYSVOL Policies folder after move to DFS Replication

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I moved to DFS replication from FRS last week to allow installation of Server 2022 DCs. All OK appeared. DCDiag and such after showed all OK and DFS event logs not showing any issues except when one of the DCs that is on a ship goes outside reception, I don't think this issue is DFS though.


New GPOs that are created show in Group Policy Management but a folder is not being created in the SYSVOL \ Policies folder with corresponding Unique ID as normal. Viewing on the same DC where GP Management confirms it is connected to and can see the GPO drilling even down C:\Windows\SYSVOL_DFSR\... the GPO folder is not there.


On PCs applying GPO scoped it gives back "the processing of group policy failed. Windows attempted to read the file \\domain\sysvol\domain.local\policies\*unique ID*"


What am I missing here? I have checked all event logs I can figure related, dcdiag showing OK still, no DFS issues noted nothing like event 2213 or DFSR stopped..? Stopping me being able to continue with work just about now.

Is there any bug or something the process when GPO is made the account can't create in that folder or something after moving to DFS from FRS?

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You should have moved from FRS to DFSR a long, long time ago.
What other OS are running on your DC ?

Did you check DFSR replication using GPMC ?



Why should we have? Existing DCs Server 2012 R2 which is still supported and which supports FRS? Was there any benefit to migrating from something working with no issue?

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This was just a replication delay and a misunderstanding on how Windows orders things alphabetically in explorer. GPO starting with ID "12.." not appearing with other GPOs starting with 1 instead this appears much lower.
FRS is not supported anymore, and you must migrate to DFSR before migrating to a new version of Windows Server (2012 R2 support ends in one year).