verification of prerequisites for domain controller promotion failed server due to netbios number should be change
domain is having numbers and characters , netbios is not accepting, how can we fix this
Please suggest thanks in advance

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Thanks for sharing the article.

for instance if there is a website hosted and how to configure NetBIOS with on premises AD server

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Well the NetBIOS name is simply the computer name.

echo %computername%

should return it.



Thanks Dave for your Reply
verification of prerequisites for domain controller promotion failed. The NetBIOS domain name 143 is a number .The name may not be a number

Instance domain name : , in case of website it works but in case of AD configuration NetBIOS has error. Please Suggest thanks

143 is an illegal name

computers that are members of an Active Directory domain cannot have names that are composed completely of numbers. This restriction is because of DNS





Thanks a lot for all your replies and being patient in answering all my questions
so how can we fix this this is only example domain as a valid website for the same if we wanted to configure AD what is the best solution , thanks

The domain name looks Ok, it is just the domain controller's computer name that needs changed. ,instead of numbers if we use only it should be a problem while we integrate or join azure AD for future requirement thanks

Here's a document for Azure resource naming.

Resource naming restrictions - Azure Resource Manager | Microsoft Docs



Thanks a lot Dave