Multi site Windows Failover Clustering - different subnets

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I am trying to set up a Windows Failover Cluster (Server 2016) which will be used for SQL Server 2019 Always On availability Group.

I have server1 (production) at site A and server2(DR) at site B so they are geopgrahically completely seprate and have different subnets.



When I go to create a cluster, I add server1 and server2 then am asked for a "Access Point for administering the cluster"

It brings up two networks however the second one is not correct as the subnet is /23 not /24

Therefore If I proceed it simply does not work on that second network but I see no way to change it


I looked at the powershell options for New-Cluster but I did not see an option to amend the subnet there either.

Can anyone help with this? Image is for illustration and example only.


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