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Migrating Windows Server 2008/2008R2 File Servers to WS 2016/2019...


If you have Windows Server 2008/2008 R2 File Servers, we have an elegant way to migrate you to a modern file server with the Storage Migration Service (SMS) built-in to Windows Server 2019. SMS makes it easier to migrate your older Windows Server File Servers (2003 & later) to 2016/2019.


SMS provides an elegant graphical UI (via Admin Center) that inventories data on servers and then transfers the data and configuration to newer servers—all without apps or users having to change anything. SMS is designed to help by doing the following:


1. Inventory multiple servers and their data
2. Rapidly transfer files, file shares, and security configuration from the source servers.
3. Optionally take over the identity of the source servers (also known as cutting over) so that users and apps don't have to change anything to access existing data
4. Manage one or multiple migrations from the Windows Admin Center user interface

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