Microsoft Windows Server 2016 License tracker

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I have a client who currently has 50 Windows 2016 datacenter virtual machines and 10 SQL 2017 installations licenced under the Service Provider Licence Agreement, each of which has a Per Core licence (SPLA). The virtual machines run on five hosts, each of which has two physical CPUs and 18 cores per socket for the virtual machines.

The question now is, does Windows come with a tool that I can use to track the licence utilisation (core-based licensing)?
Since I am required to provide this to my SPLA team on a monthly basis, I believe that automating this process is preferable to doing it manually.

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A colleague just informed me that SQL Server licences exist only on paper and not in the system.
As a result, I believe SQL licence tracking must be done manually.
But I'm curious if it's possible to track Core-based licencing for Windows 2016 datacenter?

or should it be done manually because it cannot be automated?


Your input is appreciated!