Microsoft Hyper-v server 2019 backup

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Hello Guys!


Probably I'm new with this type of the servers. My work stage hasn't GUI, so it doesn't made my work easier. 

The OS is Hyper-V server 2019, so it isn't a complete windows server. I found a lot of information about how to make backup from vm via Win Server with Hyper-V, but this OS like it doesn't exists.

Can we make backup from the server? or from the vms one by one? How?


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Seems you are using Core edition of Windows 2019 Server (CLI Mode). you can use any third backup software which is compatible for Hyper-V 2019 as windows server doesn't have any function to take the VM backup from Hyper-V Servers.
Hi, Vinchin Backup & Recovery is what we are using for backups. Fully compatible with Hyper-V Server 2019.