MDT for windows 10 version 1703

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Can I use the "old" MDT (for version 1607) to deploy Windows 10 version 1703?


If not, where can I find the new version of MDT for windows 10 version 1703?

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Hi Greta,


I assume you mean MDT 8443, which was released in November?
I have used that MDT, with the ADK 10.1.14393 to create the Windows 10 1703 images we use in our organisation, so the answer would be yes.


The new MDT is not yet released, but I recommend ou follow this blog:


The ADK, however, is released for 1703, and can be found here:

Agreed, I have also completed capturing and deploying a Win10 x64 1703 reference image using the same configuration but I found that when I deploy it to a physical device (vs. virtual machine) at the beginning of the STATERESTORE Property phase/ZTINextPhase (Component) I hear "All right, you're connected.  Now we'll check for any updates".  I'm assuming this is the network adapter configuration as it is not uniquely identified in the deployment logs.


I would like to disable it but I can't find any documentation indicating its presence.  I didn't know if controlling it might be a feature in ADK 1703.  Has anyone else seen this behavior?

Hi. Probably Windows Servers is not the best forum to ask MDT questions I suppose. By "All right, you're connected.  Now we'll check for any updates" do you mean your deployment is unterrupted?


Not sure is it the same thing, but at sime time with MDT, there was an issue, that computer attempted to connect to WLAN during Task Sequence process. You had to disable that in unttend.xml. Another reason for that is, that if you´re missing LAN driver, but you have a WLAN driver, this might happen.

My apologies, didn't mean to get everyone off topic, please disregard my post.

This is absolute best place to ask MDT technical questions/issues:

We have just started to look into 1703 and have run across the same issue with Cortana on physical devices.  Have you discovered the cause/solution to this?

I meet the same issue like urs. Finally, we found this might be caused by the new branch of Windows 10 OS. The new OS branch updated some new components and some components enhanced the interactivity features. So this might be the real reason for the sound.  While I do want to know whether we could customize this sound! Hope it could help u, fri.  

And this link will be the temp method solved this issue,

Michael Niehaus just mentioned a method for disabling the cortana voice prompts during deployment.


"Set value "DIsableVoice" under HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\OOBE to 1 (DWORD) and Cortana will stop talking..."

"The tricky part is how to set that. You can add a RunSynchronous command in the unattend.xml to set that before OOBE."


Worth mentioning a comment further down in the thread:

"You will want to make a note about turning it back on again though. Turning off disability assistance features will be an issue in some orgs"

Hi Tony,

I'm seeing that you were able to capture an image of Windows 10. I have installed MDT 8443 and the latest Windows 10 AIK (v1709). I'm encountering a problem when I'm trying to capture the image. Please see the URL below where I have provided some screenshots. I'm not sure what the problem can be and I hope you can help me with this. Thank you in advanced.

It is Cortana. Made me jump the first time it happened (A SurfacePro on which the volume defaults to 100%) It can be disabled by adding this to the Unattend.xml, in Pass 4, Deployment Neutral, under Run SynchronousCommand:

Reg Add HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\OOBE /v DisableVoice /d 1 /t REG_DWORD /f