MDT fails adding language packs in 1703

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Hi there,


did anyone of you manage to add LPs to 1703 with the "Import OS Package" function?


In my case MDT fails adding the language packs during the generation of the boot images (aka update deployment share). The LP is flagged with 10.1.15063.0, as is the OS and DISM. MDT is telling me, it can't add the package, because "Error: 0x800f081e - The specified package is not applicable to this image".

Fun fact: using ADKs DISM from command-line, I'm able to mount the image, and add the package - no errors.

Another fun fact: Adding language features (FOD packages) works for 4 of 5 packages. MDT states, that the Speech guy could not be added, because the source files could not be found. Again, using command-line, everything's fine.


I'd really like this to work, so the language can be chosen during installation, and not in a deployed windows.


Any help of you awesome guys is very much appreciated!

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