Managing Nano Server required enhance for UX and UI.

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I really love nano server, it is small and cool, we could install it fast and it really shine when connect and manage using Azure. But a lot of job need to be done for private cloud scenario in relation to UX and UI and day to day management of nano server.


We need some sort of dashboard to perform one click and remotely deploy nano server and manage it and install and manage update and deploy and perform other default administrator tasks. This dashboard should be inside Windows Server or System Center. As of know we could manage nano server remotely using PowerShell , WMI but we need specific dashboard to easily manage several nano servers remotely through GUI inside Windows Server. Having GUI with the right design and adapting UX, would enhance productivity, specially when we have scenario where we need several nano servers and we need to manage it through private cloud using System Center or Windows Server. Because this is nano server, we would have a lot of nanos in several places.

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Hi Reza,


Since your description of your private cloud scenario has included System Center solution where some of the System Center solution has a requirement of being installed in Windows Server with full graphical desktop environment, you can manage your NanoServer using those Windows Server with full graphical desktop environment as the management server with remote connectivity to manage the NanoServer using Server Manager, Hyper-V Management Tools, Failover Clustering Tools, PowerShell Remoting, DHCP Server Tools (to configure PXE response), Windows Deployment Services Tool (for responding PXE request to deliver the *.WIM for deployment).

For a single click deployment, it will be best for you to investigate System Center Configuration Manager's capability or Windows Deployment Services capability in delivering the image with a scripted deployment.

Hope it helps. :)



Agreed with your explainations , SCCM doing a great job. But not all companies using Configuration Manager and they might have it in plan for future. Therefore, Windows Server should have basic administration dashboard where we could manage Nano Server and for more advance features and management scenario, users would consider Configuration Manager.