Low disk space error due to log files in C:\Users\XX\AppData\Local\Temp\

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I have a UiPath bot running on a server at an hour interval, which is using MS office applications to complete the process. The bot logs its data in "C:\Users\xx\AppData\Local\UiPath\Logs" folder. But the "C:\Users\XX\AppData\Local\Temp\" folder is filled up with numerous temp folder which has nothing in it also some of the files are too big in size. I am not sure for what purpose it is so huge in size.

Is there any way to stop the process of logging temporary files in the "C:\Users\XX\AppData\Local\Temp\" folders rather than the deletion once the space is full or the bot gets an error?
Below is the screenshot of the folder with temporary files


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I'd try asking in the vendor forums about options.

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Uipath logs file in %appdata/uipath/log% folder. It doesn't have any interactions with %temp% folder.
It has to be stopped from os level.. any other suggestions