Logon Domain spelled wrong on logon screen Server 2019

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This is a really weird or simple issue.  We recently had an employee leave on short notice I am trying to pick up where he left off and there is one issue that I am kind of stumped on, hopefully there is a simple answer.

On the logon screen it says logon to mydomian but you really are logging into the mydomain when you log on.  we have seen this misspelling in a couple of places but it does not seem to have a real effect on things.


We don't know if this was by accident or malicious, I know how to change the default domain but this is not the issue here, this screenshot shows  ten.forums.com in my case it would say ten.frorums.com but still log me into ten.forums.com, has anyone ever seen this before?wrongdomain.JPG

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Check for misspelling here Computer Configuration\Administrative Settings\System\Logon "Assign a default domain for logon"


otherwise I'd start by searching out the error here.






@Dave Patrick 


Thanks for the reply, it is not the default domain logon setting as that is for a real domain, when I log onto the domain without changing what is shown I connect to the correct domain.  I was not sure if there is a way to modify the actual text on the logon page or not.  I will see about getting  AD Explorer approved for download.

Ok, not sure what is meant about "real domain" versus what you have? You can also start a case here with product support.