List/delete packages in Nanoserver image file (VHD or VHDX)

jantrance ten hove
Occasional Visitor

I have a question about the new/edit-nanoserverimage PS command: there is no command to get a list of the packages you have installed with said above commands (you can get the list by going through the logs, but imo it would be better if there would be a command to get a list of installed packages in the created or edited nanoserver VHDX file).


Also: there is no way to delete a package from a created or edited nanoserver VHDX file (or i am missing some commands and haven't looked well enough, but a search on google and this site haven't helped me, and looking through all the commands here haven't helped me either).


The problem for the first question I have: is probably that you can't read out a VHD or VHDX file.


Please help me to figure out how to do this.


Thanks in advance.


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