LAPS - Possible to manually specify a password for the Administrator account?

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Can I use the Reset-AdmPwdPassword or a similar Powershell command to send a specific password to the end device?


From what I can tell if I run Reset-AdmPwdPassword, this is going to change the password to a random string and I'd like to specify a less complex password.

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There is no direct script to generate random password, but you may do it by writing script function. There is an article explaining it, have a look at:
The link is useful but that's not what I'm trying to achieve here. LAPS already randomizes the password for me but the password ends up being so complex that it's painful to type in when I'm troubleshooting devices logged in as Administrator. Restarting is a big part of troubleshooting requiring me to re-enter the password so I'm trying to find another way.

I want to specify a simple, easy-to-remember password like "Loginpasskey2022" and laps pushes this to the end device's Administrator account which I can then use to log in to the device.
Thank you for the clarification.
What you are looking for is not possible with this command.
However, you may try command like "Set-ADAccountPassword" where you could set a password yourself.
Have a look at:
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