KB5013942 - Clarification on issue

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There has been a lot of press regarding the above update and how it may cause authentication issues. The article references that services such as NPS, RRAS, and RADIUS may be affected. It also states that clients and member servers are not affected, only domain controllers. 


Do I understand that this issue only manifests if the affected services are installed on a domain controller and not affected if they are installed on member servers?


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Hey, Matt.


Not quite.


The root cause of the issue can occur if KB5013942 is installed on domain controllers (be nice to have a breakdown of impacted operating system versions, but I guess we just have to assume it's all of them given the limited scope of their statement.)


However, the symptoms will manifest on any member server or client running any of the listed services. Obviously, the NPS role and related role features would be on the Server side, but the EAP services exist on the clients, hence clients rating a mention.


So, here's the breakdown:


  1. KB5013942 installed on domain controllers = you might get this problem surfacing on clients and member servers;
  2. KB5013942 is not installed on domain controllers but is installed on members servers and clients running the listed services = no problems whatsoever.




Thanks Lain. Let's hope MS release an updated patch soon!

My DC server does not have this update (KB5013942). My workstations that install this update can not start 50% of their apps. After uninstalling from the workstation everything is fixed. I have searched the web high and low and can not find anyone that has a fix for this.

And what apps could that be that do not work?
There was already fixed update release anyway

@Sebastian Cerazy There are many apps that will not work after the install of this update. A short list would be:


MS Office

Google Chrome

Bluebeam Revue

Autodesk applications

newforma project Center


Then update to KB5015020 and see what happens
But NONE of my client machines (multiple) with this KB5013942 (or anybody else by what I seen around) had any issues with at least MS Office apps and Chrome (do not use others). So something very particular to your setup