KB4467684 On Windows Server 2016 kills Outlook Search on RDS´s

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Hi everyone

I dont know if this is the place to fill in a bug ? (maybe a MVP will follow up?)

But we have the last days seen problems with RDS servers, with Outlook (both 2013, and 2016) where searchs don´t work anymore. We tried all normally stuff, to get search to work (reindex, repair office and so on)

After some searching we found out that more people has this problem, at it is the latest november update (KB4467684) (https://community.spiceworks.com/topic/2178750-outlook-search-not-working-after-windows-update) 

After this is removed, Search starts to work again

I hope, someone will follow up on this :) 


Best regards

Martin Lund Hansen 



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I can try pinging few folks, no promises :)

So, the response was to open a support case. They've seen some reports of the issue and have started tracking this, but need input from customers to get to the root cause.

Thank you for posting this. Helped with a similar situation with a client. Appreciate it! I blocked the KB update from patch management and pulled off agents.

Good Afternoon Martin,

I work for an MSP who utilizes many 2016 RDSH servers and this has been a nightmare so I figured I would share what fixed this for us.


On an RDSH server having the issue run the following commands in command prompt one at a time.  Search started working instantly on some, and on others all we had to do was restart outlook.


DISM /online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

sfc /scannow


Once both complete successfully you will be off and searching again.

If you are still experiencing the issue and have a server with no work around in place, give this a shot and let us know:


DISM /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth

sfc /scannow

We are also seeing this issue using a Server 2016 RDSH with Office 2016 Volume License (not C2R).  We have a Hybrid O365 setup with Exchange 2010 on-prem.  Cached mode is enabled for the Outlook clients.  Outlook Instant Search is not working, but Advanced Find return results.  I've tried this so far:

  • Reboot server
  • Remove User's Outlook from Search Index and readd
  • Create New Outlook profile
  • Rebuilt Index
  • Repair Install of Office
  • Create new Windows profile
  • Check for Windows and Office updates

I will try the DISM fix later today.

The directions from ITGinja also work for me.

Wow, Thanks to ITGinja.

I had the problem also on some 2016 RDServers and now the search works again!


This is now a known issue: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/-outlook-cannot-perform-the-search-error-in-outlook-clients...


The stated workaround worked on the first server I tried it on, I just ran "sfc /scannow" from an elevated command prompt and once it completed, all users could search outlook again. Ran it 9 days and a reboot ago and search is still working fine. 



This is mad. sfc /scannow  worked for both of my RDS servers, although I do not have the KB4467684 actually installed...


I've been scratching my head for days!

You just saved me lots of work. Thank you.