KB3189866 fails to download from Wsus on Server 2012 to Windows 10 clients

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Hi All,


Since updating all our client machine to windows 10 1607, Wsus has been problematic at a client level when they try to download these updates.


Today we have KB3189866 windows 10 reports its downloading and that the sum of attempt. The Wsus console reports that it's failed when you look at the update.


This appears to have also been a probelm with cumaltive updates prior as well. I had got around this by removing the GPO on client for WSUS.


Any suggestions here on how to remedy this?






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Michael Niehaus from Microsoft posted this to the Patchmanagement mailing list yesterday.


Mailing List Archive Link


From http://aka.ms/win10releasenotes:


September 20, 2016 — KB3193494 (OS Builds 14393.187 and 14393.189) 

We encountered a network transmission issue with update KB3189866 published on September 13, 2016, and the quickest way to address this issue was to reissue the update to all Content Delivery Networks. This new update KB3193494 has the same set of fixes as KB3189866. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.