Just wondering, if there is a chance of having a special section for PowerShell Open Source?

Maximo Trinidad

Now that PowerShell is Open Source, nowI see the strong posibility of people learning and utilizing PowerShell in many Linux Environments as well as Mac OS.




So, it would be nice to have a section of it.  What do you think?

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PowerShell is open source on Windows, too. :) Perhaps you would benefit from a Space for "PowerShell on Non-Windows OS"

Hi Maximo,


I suppose Open Source PowerShell discussion may get more traction in GitHub? Or we could have an Open Source discussion community with Open Source PowerShell, .NET Core and etc... under the Open Source umbrella.... Smiley Very Happy


Yes! That's is. Having an Open Source Community and adding PowerShell, .NET Core and possibly others.  Or, having a Github Comomunity sounds good too. 


The thing is, we'l; be looking at both Developers and IT Pros. This could split into having a "PowerShell Open System" Community for IT Pros, and a "Github" Community for Developers. 


Now, within the "PowerShell Open System", we could have discussion on PowerShell on Linux ( or different flavors) and Mac OS. 


I think is a strong possibility of having this in the near future.





Hi Joe,


Yes! Or,  I think, may "PowerShell Open System", or "PowerShell Core" which is the way is known know.



Hum! Let me correct mysefl as I'm building my next Florida PowerShell UG online session on "PowerShell for all Systems".  I don't want to mislead any one on this particular term "PowerShell Core", as there is a set of core commands.


So, I'l just leave it open as "PowerShell Open System". Then again, Microsoft can pick a better title of it.



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