Issues with WIN16Server and AD configuration

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Hi Community,


I have a problem with my WIN Server.


I am running WIN16 on a ESX Server. Now I want to make it a domain controller. It installs everything without error and then reboots. Once rebooted a blue screen appears telling me that it will complete the group configuration. 

At this point I am in a boot loop. Rebooting --> Blue Screen --> Rebooting


I tried to set back the server and start from the scratch, but still the same problem. What's my fault? Can anyone help me please. What additional information do you need.


It's the first time I am doing this. I am new to MS Server.

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Try to boot in to Safe mode or last know good configuration mode and check the server logs..

If promote as DC please check youR HDD partition should be NTFS,Static IP to be assign and DNS server if any.






is your ESX environment actual patched?


I had a similar problem and after ESX Host und Agent Update everything runs fine


rg. Boris