Issues with Remote Desktop access on Server 2019 Virtual Server

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Hi everyone,


I'm having some issues with using a terminal server that I've setup inside of Server 2019. We currently have a company with about 30-40 employees that use a VPN and remote desktop into a server that is virtually hosted (VMware) on a local server.


I'm running into an issue where some employees remote in and the session freezes at either the login screen or afterwards using a program on the server. This happens almost daily, but does not affect everyone at the same time. If they exit the connection and go back in, it will work properly for a few seconds and then freeze again. It also seems to register any clicks on the server when frozen, like if I open a program it will be open the next time I reconnect. It's almost like the viewing of the screen is frozen but the session is still working properly. I find that a server reboot or a restart of the Remote Desktop service will fix this issue, usually for the full day.


I've created a task that restarts the service early in the morning, but the issue sometimes still crops up. There are no errors in the event log as far as I can tell. This issue has been happening ever since I created this new server and gave it the remote desktop roles.


Please let me know at least a direction I can look into, or what information is needed for more troubleshooting.


Thanks in advance,

Devon LaVoy

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I had this... Have you tried forcing the clients to use TCP instead of UDP?

Open regedit and go to:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server\WinStations\RDP-Tcp

Create a Value of type: REG_DWORD
name: SelectTransport
value: 1

reboot the server and see if it's more stable.