ISCSI volume corrupt

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A new Microsoft server 2019 standard has been installed replacing an old MS server 2008 SBS.  Attached to it is a Buffalo terastation 7000 series NAS containing 4 4TB hard drives RAID 5 configured with an ISCSI volume, attached to the 2019 server via ISCSI initiator as drive F: on the server. The new server has reported the ISCSI volume to be corrupt and wants to preform an "offline scan and repair".  The old server never reported any issue with the volume.

My question is what will this offline scan and repair do? 

Can the server take the volume offline and still complete the scan and repair as the volume is not physically part of the server but only attached to it via the initiator?

Could data lost be a possibility?

Could we lose complete access to the NAS if the volume does not come back online?


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well since no one seems to have seen this issue and cannot recommend a course of action I took it upon myself to go boldly where no one has gone before.

I ran the offline scan and repair and it failed to complete.  unable to access the volume once it went offline which is what I suspected would happen.

no option selected for this utility could complete the scan and repair.

Ok, so I decided to use the tried and proven chkdsk utility and it scanned and fixed the volume.  After a restart of the NAS server and volume reconnected and Windows server 2019 now reports the volume as healthy.