Is my server pending reboot?

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I wonder if anyone has any ideas on finding, using powershell, if a server is planning on rebooting anytime soon?

I can find out if a reboot is due for windows updates and a few other possible reasons, using powershell but if a reboot is waiting from running shutdown -r -t nnnnn then none of the places I know to look are helpful. Even Windows Admin Centre does not seem to know the server has a reboot pending. I have looked in Event viewer for a system log event ID13 but that may or may not tell me anything about an upcoming reboot.

A shutdown -a knows if a reboot is pending or not (it errors if not) but I can't find out where to look to find this information myself.

Any Ideas please?

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@Dave Patrick Thanks that does help - I was using get get-eventlog to try and look at event ID13 and that was really not helpful.

Get-WinEvent is much more useful and actually returns the date and time of the scheduled reboot, and the reason. 

Many thanks for that

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So, for anyone else having this problem:

I could find nothing in registry that helped specifically for shutdown.exe

This identified some reboot reasons I did not know about so I used this rather than my original code.

I then looked at the last event log entry for 1074

Get-WinEvent -ComputerName $computername -FilterHashtable @{logname = 'System'; id = 1074} -MaxEvents 1

by comparing the TimeCreated property of that result with the last boot time of the computer I could see if the event was historical or planned.

If planned, I then compared the TimeCreated property of event 1074 with 1075 to see it a shutdown -a had been used to cancel the reboot.


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