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Is it time to bring back TechNet subscriptions?

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With the sunsetting of free Hyper-V Server starting with version 2022, it would be a good time to bring back a cost effective way to build a home lab for testing Microsoft desktop and Server products that is not limited to 180 days. A TechNet subscription that is configured to expire each year if it is not renewed and limited to three devices per license at a cost of $199 per year would greatly help the community.

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I use the Visual Studio subscription for that from my company that I work for, it's part of the partner program. . License codes are available in that program including downloads etc.
That's awesome, but what about those techs that work for SMBs that are not willing or not able to afford buying it for their Techs
I understand that, was pointing out another option

@Harm_Veenstra :

Have you considered MSDN Platforms?

A quick guide to choosing the right MSDN subscription (TechRepublic)


Visual Studio Pricing --> Standard subscriptions tab