Intel RST on Hyper-V Core?

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Hi guys,  REALLY need to get this to work on my Hyper-V servers so I can monitor RAID status without having to reboot and view the RAID status flash by!  HELP!!!

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Dave, thanks! Sorry for the late reply. Got involved in other things....It seems the CLI version is very hard to find. But I found a current version on a Lenovo site. Not sure this will work or why I cant find the same product listed anywhere on Intel's site. Here:


For everyone who is looking for a solution to manage the Intel RST Raid with a GUI on a Windows Server Core Hyper-V as I did. You need to install the Intel RSTE Gui Utility. After that you can use the command

"c:\ Program Files (x86)\Intel\Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology enterprise\IAStorUI.exe" and Manage the Raid with the GUI and it is also possible to set up an email notification!

@T_Urheim  great!  Can you tell me where to get that utility? Link?