Installing openssh client and server optional feature fails on Windows Server 2019 1809

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Hello Experts, When I try to install the SSH Server and Client optional features in Windows Server 2019 it fails. They do not install. In the settings -> Manage Optional Features menu, it looks like they start but never complete and then show up back in the list of available features. This is only happening on one server. We have tried to reboot, and it did not fix the issue. SFC /scannow did not help, neither did the dism /cleanup-image /scanhealth command. Also tried installing using powershell with no luck. The powershell command add-windowsCapability -online -name OpenSSH.Server~~~ appears to finish but then when we run get-WindowsCapability -online | where-object name -like 'OpenSSH*', the resultant State is "Not Present" for both client and server. Any ideas what may be wrong?

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