Incorrect free space on NTFS (reserved clusters)

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I have a very unusual issue on my Server 2012 R2.


When formatting a partition as NTFS a large part of the space is reserved (~500Mb)


For example, when formatting a 1Gb partition, I only have about half of it free.


This happens even when creating a new NTFS partition on a new disk, that is, it is not a case of CHKDSK


I created a 1Gb test partition and the command "FSUTIL FSINFO NTFSINFO X:" returns:

total reserved clusters: 128,239 (500.9 mb)


I can't understand why 500.9Mb are reserved.


On another machine, doing the same, you have 14.5Mb reserved, that is, the 1Gb partition has almost 100% free space.


I can't understand the reason for this behavior, I don't know if this is an error or if it is caused by some feature of Windows Server 2012 R2.


Thanks a lot for any help.

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