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Im a IT student and i want to now how to create personal folders with cmd and a cdv

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I know how to create users by csv and cmd:


net accounts /minpwlen:0

	usuarios\addusers /c usuarios\pas.csv	/s:;

	net accounts /minpwlen:8


"that aduser is adduser.exe"

But i dont know how to make personal folders for each user (in the csv is the rout specified). I know that's a silly question, but i need it to continue with an excercise. Thank you.

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If you are planning to implement the User Profile for global users like 100+ then I would suggest you check the possibilities through Group policy named Folder redirection method which enables you to redirect the location of specific folders within user profiles to a new location, such as a shared network location. Folder redirection is used in the process of administering user-profiles and roaming user profiles.

Folders that can be redirected
You can use the GPMC to redirect the following folders:

  1. AppData/Roaming
  2. Contacts
  3. Desktop
  4. Documents
  6. FavoritesLinks
  7. Music
  8. Pictures
  9. Saved Games
  10. Searches
  11. Start Menu
  12. Videos