Hyper-V with Linux VM

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New to community hope I'm posting in right place.  I currently have a Dell R7515 server at home, in which I previously had Ubuntu 22.04.2 installed and running docker, portainer, plex server, etc.  I just installed Windows 2022 Datacenter on it that I got from Azure Dev Tools through my school *SNHU* that I'm going to for IT.  I have two virtual machines I'm trying to setup on initial install. 

Windows Server 2022 Standard *Domain Controller for Active Directory for my home Network and to learn on*

Ubuntu Linux 22.04.2 *For Docker, Plex, Etc.


Windows Server installs fine, I can create a network share, and everything is fine.  When I install any flavor of Linux and setup samba and try to transfer files from my Windows 11 Desktop with a 2.5BGe NIC through my 2.5GBe Port on my router I get speeds no higher than 170mb usually going down to 20mb and ping pong up/down.  I have tried Ubuntu 22.04.2, Debian 12, Rocky Linux 9.1 all have the same issue.  Now before you ask, I originally had Ubuntu 22.04.2 on Bare Metal this server and had zero issues with network transfers all 250mb - 280mb.  My Dell R7515 has a dual intel 10GBe SFP+ card that plugs into my UniFi switch and my desktop plugs directly into that same switch into a 2.5GBe Port and using Cat 6 cable for the desktop.  If I go back to bare metal Ubuntu on the server, I get normal speeds.  Use Hyper-V and Linux I get random up/down speeds maxing out at 170mb roughly.


I did about 12 hours of internet research yesterday trying different suggestions like adding modules to the linux kernal that should be loaded, to changing to backwards samba version, to no avail.  I would like to use Datacenter for the VM and not bare metal Ubuntu.  Any suggestions are appreciated.

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