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Copper Contributor

If a VHD is created and used in a virtualization software or desktop hypervisor software,

and is set as a SATA drive,

then Windows 11 is installed on the VHD,

then the VHD is removed from the virtual machine settings,

then the VHD is added back to the virtual machine settings but set as a NVMe,

then when it boots again it says "Inaccessible boot device".

This is expected.

But if a VHD is installed with Windows 11 when it was set as a SATA -- and the VHD resides on an

actual real physical NVMe SSD drive --,

will BCD native boot that VHD if it is listed in the boot menu or will it complain and say "Inaccessible boot device" because of the VHD residing on a NVMe SSD?


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