Hyper-V vEthernet Interface Question

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Took ownership of this Windows Server 2022 cluster from previous admin.  I've never worked with Hyper-v before.  I'm noticing that the Hyper-v virtual switch was configured to "Allow management operating system to share this network adapter".  So under Network Adapters in the OS, I see vEthernet.  We already have a production nic in use on the same network.  I need to either disable vEthernet, uncheck the Hyper-v allow setting, or simply uncheck IPv4/6 on the vEthernet properties so I don't have 2 IP's on the same network for each node.  I have no idea what any of these changes would do to the Virtual Switch running all the production VM's.  Hopefully nothing and vEthernet is completely separated from the virtual switch.  Any recommendations on the best way to remove/disable it while this cluster is in production?  Thanks in advance!



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Unchecking "Allow management operating system to share this network adapter" will remove the extra vEthernet for the host. This is a common scenario where you want a dedicated vSwitch for some of the virtual machines.    





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Would it be safe to assume that even if I disabled the vEthernet adapter, or removed IPV4/6, it wouldn't have any effect on the virtual switch?