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I have 2 exact HP DL380 Gen 10 Servers. Both have about 15tb of hard drive space. What I would like to do is create a failover cluster where I use the on-board disks for the VM's. Is this possible?  How would I go about setting up the hard drives? I already have them in a Raid6 array.  I've seen where you should use CSV's or iSCSI.  Any thoughts would be appreciated.  F.Y.I. We do not have a SAN or NAS

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Thanks Dave. I've seen this being mentioned before in another community. Do you have any experience with this software? I went to the site and sent in my info to see how much the software is. Appreciate the help.

Sounds good, you're welcome. You might also try them over here on QnA

windows-server-clustering - Microsoft Q&A


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