Hyper-V Host network (VLAN) problem in Cluster

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I've build a Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V Fail over Cluster.


2 identical hardware hosts

2 LAN ports on each host are in a Team

1 External vSwitch is bound to the Microsoft Multiplexor Adapter on both hosts

4 LAN  ports on each host are used for ISCSI


The domain controller and Fail over Cluster Manager VM's are running on this cluster in the same VLAN (Example 1101) as the Hosts. This is all working fine.


Now the problem starts when i create a new VM1 on Host 1 and VM2 on Host 2. But when i Assign an other VLAN (Example 1102) On Host 2 LAN works fine. I get DHCP and can do everything i want like join the domain that is availible in VLAN 1102.



On Host 1 i get a also valid DHCP-adress, but all other traffic does not work. So joining the same domain is not possible. Also i can not Ping the other devices outside the host or VM2 on host 2. When i Live Migrate the VM2 to host 1 they can find each other, but traffic too for example the gateway is not possible. When i LM both VM's to Host 2 everythings works as i should. 


We already changed the MAC address Pool and at first it worked, but later on the problems came back.




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Found it!


Had to disable VMQ on Host1