Hyper-V Clustering Best Practice for four Hosts

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Good morning.

I consider myself an elementary tech when it comes to Hyper-V - this area was inherited when a co-worker departed our company.   Long story short I am looking for best practice input.    I am following footsteps so please remember that!   


Currently have a cluster (host 1 and host 2) [storage not an issue as we use HPE Nimble, each server has 256GB ram]

Host 1 has 8 hyper-v VMs

Host 2 has 4 hyper-v VMs.

These are clustered - running just fine I think.   We had to rebuild our environment after a network incident so there has been a lot of moving VM's around and especially after redoing our Nimble.


Host 3, a newer server was hosting many VM's and using local storage.

Host 4, a brand new server was hosting many VM's and using local storage as well.

It was an emergency situation so recovery from our Veeam and Barracuda went to the new Hosts, temporarily while we rebuilt Host 1, Host 2.   Now I'm starting to work on Host 3 and Host 4.


Question:  any issues have two clusters?  Host 1, Host 2 - cluster 1   Host 3, Host 4 - cluster 2

All will utilize our Nimble and each node will have a 3TB csv.    My approach was to equally spread out our VM's and somewhat prioritize the VM's.   Critical VM's on one server and so forth.     Someone mentioned IOP issues; MTU issues before our incident when our original two hosts were loaded up with VMs.    I am here just to make sure having two separate clusters is not going to bite me in the arse, if in the future I need to start moving VM's around.




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