Hyper-V causing Server 2019 to reboot

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In my organization, we have a Windows 2019 server running as a Hyper-V host for a few Windows 10 vms and three Windows 2012 R2 vms. Lately, sometimes when we restart a vm, it also reboots the host. This has happened with some of the Windows 10 vms and the 2012 R2 ones, both connected to the vm through Hyper-V and rebooting in the Hyper-V manager. Any ideas what might be causing this?


We are running version 10.0.17763.1 of Hyper-V if that helps.

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Sounds like BSOD? Might check the event logs for clues. More info here, blue screens are almost always hardware / driver related.

I'd check here and with manufacturer that hardware has support for the operating system installed,

also check with manufacturer for the latest ROM bios, firmware, chipset and driver support pack.




Hi @Dave Patrick,


Sorry for the late reply. It turns out it was a driver issue. I updated the drivers for our server two days ago, which included one for that network adapter, and there have been no issues since.


Here's the link to Lenovo's driver packs in case anyone else finds this and has the same issue:

Glad to hear of success.