How to upgrade Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager to suppot TLS 1.2

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Hi Microsoft Experts.


Good day!. 


Would like to kindly ask for your recommendation.

Currently we have setup an Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager 

To our Organization, to help us to easily deploy application and as well as patch updates.

but unfortunately we have this PCI compliance and as they've check our Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager  is detected with TLS 1.0 enable. we are told that we need to use TLS 1.2

. our version of Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager is 2010.

and most of the managment point servers are OS version 2016 and 2019. 

may we kindly ask how we will be able to force the use of TLS 1.2. without breaking anything to our Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager is 2010. is there a better way to doing this.

Still newBie on this. your advise and recommendation is highly appreciated.




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You'll find Microsoft official guidance here :

Also, MECM 2010 is now unsupported, and you must upgrade to a newer version.