How to Troubleshoot High LSASS.EXE CPU Utilization on an Active Directory Domain Controller



The CPU utilization is reaching quite high on an AD domain controller which is running on a Windows Server 2012 R2 OS and as per the below link, I have tried to gather the logs to troubleshoot the issue and waited for more than 4 hours but unfortunately, the report didn't get generated.


Appreciate your support to eliminate this issue once and for all

Thanks in advance

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You should have similar below. In first pane collector is shown running and report header has been created. In second pane the collector has stopped and is compiling (hour glass) in third pane is resulting report.






Hi @Dave Patrick 


Please check the below attachment. In the first pane collector, it's not showing running and I waited for nearly 2 hours and I didn't found the resulting report either in the third pane, the server OS is Windows Server 2012 R2. don't know why the report not showing up when i am following the procedure to generate the report properly



What error do you get when starting collector?



I've run the user-defined active directory diagnostics report and managed to get the below report. The SAM utilizing the maximum CPU and I am not sure which objects are running constantly which are utilizing the CPU, can you please support me how can I normalize the CPU utilization and terminate the unwanted jobs



 @Dave Patrick