How to sort out a reverse DNS mess

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Our organization has a number of 10.X.0.0/16 locations with the same AD/DNS name No worries.

We are connected to a separate company with the AD/DNS name who were using some 172.16.XXX.0/22 addresses. Still good.

We used conditional forwarders on each companys DNS records to forward each others forward and reverse lookup queries to the other. Great.


But now, is moving over to 10.X.0.0/16 network ranges.


We have hit a snag on the DNS server in that the reverse lookup zone is instead of each individual zone. This means the DNS server cannot create a conditional forwarder for as this overlaps with our zone. As a result we cannot reverse lookup IP addresses.


Deleting our reverse lookup zone sounds pretty horrifying, so I am wondering is there a best approach to doing this? Is it possible at all?

I appreciate any advice anyone can give.

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