How to report a bug in Windows?

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It seems impossible to report a bug (not configuration error) to Microsoft - We have a couple of bugs we have seen when running hosting center operations that we would like to inform the Windows dev. team about - but there is no way to do it thru Microsoft Support.


We have 2 issues we would like the Windows team to be aware of.


1. Windows Time service (Unable to reproduce the bug and only see once).

We had one issue (on the worst possible server) where the time forwarded with 31 days and 2 hours forward ind time - this causes a big mesh in a customer database. We have eventlog audit logs where we can see it's Windows Time service that sets the wrong time - and it continued to set the wrong time until the service was stopped. When the service was started again the time jumped to the feature again until the server was rebooted.


2. Dynamic VHDX file corruption (Can be reproduced in lab)

When running dynamic VHDX files on storage spaces volume in a clustered enviroment and the volume gets arround 1TB and have decent workload the virtual disk gets corruped - the first symptoms is the virtual machine is restarted by the cluster as it loses access to the volume and the cluster service "rescues" the machine - after it has happend a few times and the disk grows at some point Windows is unable to mount the disk in R/W mode - only way to access data on volume is to mount in read only mode (thru diskpart) and copy data to new volume. When uses fixed size disks there is no issues - so it relates to something then the dynamic vhdx files.


I hope someone in Microsft Windows team sees this at takes the issues to fix - if someone needs more info / logs etc. they are welcome to contace me.


/Emil Hempel, inpadi

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You can report feedback over here on uservoice.

General Feedback: Hot (1182 ideas) – Windows Server (




That doesn't work because uservoice was shutdown before the date that it shows you posted this.

Well it wasn't but regardless it is a dead topic now. Apparently it looks like they no longer want any feedback about windows server.





In case you want to send feedback about Windows Server, you will need to have access to a Windows 10 device and open Feedback Hub app. There you have Windows Server category and you may report bugs and feedbacks there and they will be viewed by the Windows Server team.
I have posted a bunch of things to there about Windows 10, or apps on Windows 10, never to receive any feedback.
A few things have actually been fixed, but still no feedback.
Also, it sucks that there is no way to mark feedback as closed/fixed, so it keeps showing up when you go to look at your list.

Also, the feedback app typically wants to record what happened and gather info from your PC. That is useless for Server feedback.
Windows team will review and check all feedbacks but due to number of feedbacks , it is not possible to response to every single one.
For the Windows Server, it is a bit troublesome, normally, you have to collect log files and relevant data from Windows Server and attach it in your report in the Feedback Hub app.