How to manage Remote Desktop License for DR environment?

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Hello All,

Looking for valuable to understand how Remote Desktop Client license works.


Environment: Production

Remote Desktop Client License: 5

Maximum 5 users log using Remote desktop client license to Windows-based servers in Production Datacenter.

Rest of the users (approx 100 users) can access the backend servers hosted in Production DR via the Office Network.


Environment: Disaster Recovery (DR)

- In the case of a DR event.

All users will be connecting to the backend servers hosted in DR datacenter using the Remote Desktop client, as no local Office connection will be available.

Therefore, they will need Remote Desktop Client rights to perform RDP.


a) Do I need to purchase 100 remote desktop license from now (pls note they will not be using it till the DR event occurs and thus will be waste of resources)

b) Any grace period provided wherein users can connect via remote desktop using the existing 5 licenses, allowing it to temporarily expand to cater all users?

c) Can I manual unassigned the remote desktop client license currently mapped to a user and assign it to another user?

I request the team to provide some guidance, as its getting difficult to understand how the license will work.

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