How to manage multi-domain

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How can we use Honolulu to manage servers in multiple domains?

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If you configure your Honolulu gateway machine to have access to multiple domains, it should be able to manage servers in those domains.
Thanks. I'll make sure to tryout the gateway install. So far, I've only played with local installs.

Likewise, I need to mess around with the gateway install more and explore its capabilities vs the local install that I've been testing on.

Would we be able to create Domain groups as such?
Thanks for you question Richard. I'm a little unclear what you mean by "create Domain groups". If you mean creating AD Organizational Units from Honolulu, that feature is not currently in our plans. If you are referring to being able to view your server connections grouped by Domain, this is a feature we're looking into.

I mean in Honolulu's main screen you just have a list of servers. Will we be able to create groups and ad servers to that group for easier management?

Yes, we are working on addressing this need. It's one of our top UserVoice requests tracked here:

I can't believe I missed that. Thanks for the update. do you know when we might see this feature?