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How to load balancing dns forwarder

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We have 5 dns internal integrated with AD and all forward to two dns server forwarder . How to configure to can using load balancing dns forwarder instead of as order

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This question is the same as you asked in previous topics ;) If you configure one DNS server for server A as a forwarder and the next one for server B as a forwarder, then you have 2 DNS servers on forwarder 1 and 3 DNS servers on forwarder 2 as default, that's not enough balancing?

The main question is, why is your DNS load so high? What were the numbers of clients again?

@Harm_Veenstra because we met problem dns 1000 more time and effect business should not know solution to prevent it 



And you experience this error on each DNS server?
no it only dns because this dns is primary order of all server / client and have more traffic dns
Have you ever switched to the secondary DNS server for all servers/clients to see if the same error appears on that server too? (Could be e broken DNS service on the primary DNS?)
Any update? Did you report a Microsoft Ticket?