How to enable ASP.NET 4.8 on Windows Server 2016

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Hello All,


I have installed on my server as bellow:  
+ Windows Server 2016 Standard Evaluation 64 bit
+ IIS 10 version 1607 - OS build 14393.693
+ .NET Framework 4.8 - Release DWORD: 528049


Everything will be simple when I may enable ASP.NET 4.8; but I didn't see this option here. (There is only ASP.NET 4.6)




May I enable ASP.NET 4.8 on above Windows Server 2016?


Thanks in advance,

Nguyen Duc Hoa

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.NET 4.8 is an update for the built-in .NET 4.6 in build 14393, it does not change the features names

when you enable ASP.NET 4.6, it will enable ASP.NET 4.8 underneath

Hi @abbodi1406 

Thank you for your answer soon.


>built-in .NET 4.6 in build 14393

Is the KB4480961 for Windows 10 1607 Build 14393.2724 right?


>when you enable ASP.NET 4.6, it will enable ASP.NET 4.8 underneath

I need to make a report for this issue, so could you please send to me a URL that discuss about this issue?


Thank for your support.

Nguyen Duc Hoa

Right, but you can install .NET 4.8 KB4486129 on any 14393 build

i do not have official report or url for this, it's just based on personal experience

Hi @abbodi1406 

Thank you so much for your support. :smile: