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We wanted options to disable screenshot


  • From keyboard shortcut - win + shift + s
  • from action bar -> expand it -> click on quick actions > screen snip


we have enterprise edition windows 10 with build 1809


need to implement on 50 machines for work from home.


we need something in registry to disable these things. 

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You could just remove Microsoft.ScreenSketch package. 

Get-AppPackage Microsoft.ScreenSketch | Remove-AppPackage


Would still have classic Snipping Tool & PrtSc key that would take screenshots.


If these devices are using a VPN to connect back to office, you could still apply GPOs with registry changes preferences. 


You may also want to look into enrolling these devices into Intune and managing them with a Device Configuration profile.



We tried to remove package but its only break functionality not completely remove it somehow.

we are not aware of gpos for this as we know we can disable snip in tool with gpo only.

we don't think we have Intune.
Thanks for link however we are more concerned about action bar.


@Shankit wrote:
Thanks for link however we are more concerned about action bar.

User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Tablet PC\Accessories Do not allow Snipping Tool to run to Enabled




can we disable screen snip as I shared sample image in link