How can I install missing network adapter driver on window sever 2016?

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I reinstalled windows server couple of times and each time the drivers are not being picked up. My motherboard is ASRock Z97 Extreme 4. I tried installing the drivers from manufacturers website and it wont let me install the network adapter driver. When I try to install intel LAN driver v20. it says no intel adpater found. Please share your wisdom. This is driving me crazy.

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I'd check here and also with manufacturer about support for Server 2016

Also always install the chipset as first step. The chipset allows the operating system to find and use devices integrated into the mother board.






I am going to assume that this is not for production from the motherboard.


Have you tried using the Intel tool to install drivers?  if you go to and click get started.


What you will need to do is use a USB adapter to get you connected to the internet first as this tool will scan your system and then download any Intel drivers that are missing or need updating. USB network adapters can be bought cheaply if you do not have one already.


I hope this helps. If you need any more help let me know.