High CPU - System process on Windows 2016 Standard

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I've a vSphere ESXI 6.5.0 guest VM with Windows 2016 Standard (on Fujitsu RX2540M2 server).

The VM has 4GB RAM and 2 vCPU.

The operating system is only a small and simple domain controller and file server.

Software installed: Adobe Reader, Google Chrome, Panda Adaptive Defense 360, Vmware Tools

Since few months I've problem with CPU usage.

In task manager there's always System process over 20/30% of CPU (till 60/70%) even if there isn't anything opened.

With Process Explorer I notice a lot of ntoskrnl.exe threads.


Another VM (Windows 2016 Standard, 32GB RAM, 4 vCPU, domain controller and DB server) hasn't this problem.

Already tryed to: move to another host, change network card type, uninstalled Panda AD360.


Can somebody give me some help about this problem?






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