Hi community, i have a problem with the StartLayout to add icons in the taskbar and StartLayout

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I have a servers with windows server 2019 that i want customize the starLayoud and taskbar for all users, I have read several articles that indicate that the starLayout must be exported by powershell, after modify it to test, and rename with name LayoutModification.xlm in set in C:\Users\Default\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Shell, when a new user login, the startLayout apply perfect , but when add the modify in the for the icons the taskBar and login, with the new users all startlayout settings are lost, and the change in the taskbar does not apply,
I attached xml file, what I want is to leave nothing in the startLayout and in the taskbar leave only the windows icon + file explorer + server manager,

Help is greatly appreciated

I attach the .xml file how .png


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